I have been making lampwork and anodized aluminum bead jewelry since 1986 when I established Artistic Beadwear. I make the lampwork beads in a process that dates back hundreds of years. This process is shown in the video below. With these I combine anodized aluminum beads of various shapes to create colorful, distinctive hybrid jewelry. that isn't available in any department store. Anodized aluminum is my favorite metal to work with. It is strong, durable, versatile & light! These combined characteristics of aluminum make it an ideal medium for me as an artist. Aluminum is lighter than steel, copper & brass. It is corrosion resistant, highly reflective, non-toxic & can be readily recycled. Aluminum is made even more practical & attractive with the anodizing process. Anodizing is an electro-chemical process which strengthens aluminum while allowing the integration of color into the metal substrate resulting in a more lustrous & decorative finish. I love to work with color and texture and my colorful pieces bring joy to those that see it. The possibilities are endless for colorful fun creations I envision! Enjoy! If you are interested in pricing or viewing of a particular color or style of jewelry to purchase, please Email me at


Carolyn Henderson


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